Tell us your views on going for a blood test

Posted 28/12/2018

We want to hear from local people about your experience of going for a blood test, as part of our first project for 2019.

Healthwatch in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire will be visiting hospital or community blood test clinics (known formally as phlebotomy services) during January to find out about people’s experiences. If you’ve gone to the Royal Berkshire Hospital walk-in clinic, for example, was it because your own GP surgery didn’t offer blood tests, or was it because it was quicker? And when you got there, how long did you have to wait to be seen?

Our findings will help inform a working group set up by the NHS Berkshire West Integrated Care System, as it reviews NHS phlebotomy services. The ICS is a new partnership between the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust which runs the hospital, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (which runs community and mental health services), and the Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Groups, which plans and funds NHS services in our area.

As well as visiting blood test clinic waiting rooms on certain dates to survey people, we’re also keen to hear your experience if you’ve had a blood test done in the past three months. Please email your comments to, or request a link to the online survey when it is launched in mid-January.

Here’s what we’d like to know (you don’t need to tell us your name):

  • Where did you have your last blood test?
  • If you went to the Royal Berkshire Hospital walk-in clinic for your blood test, were you offered a blood test appointment at your GP surgery first?  If yes, why didn’t you choose to have your blood test done at your GP surgery?
  • If you went to the hospital walk-in clinic, how long after your arrival did you have to wait to be seen to have your blood taken?
  • Overall, how would you rate your experience of your blood test?

For any future blood tests, tell us:

  • At which time would you prefer to have the blood test – week day, early evening, or at the weekend?
  • Where would you prefer to go for your blood test – your own GP surgery, another GP surgery in your neighbourhood, a community hospital or the Royal Berkshire Hospital?
  • How would you prefer to access your blood test – by a pre-booked appointment, or by a walk-in service?
  • What is the name of your GP surgery?
  • Please give any other comments you want to make about your experience of having blood tests.

Thank you for time and views – they will help shape future services.

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