Social Care Complaints Advocacy

Helping Reading people resolve concerns

If you have concerns about social care that Reading Borough Council has arranged, provided or funded for you, then we can help you through its complaints process. Our service is free, independent and confidential - we are not employed by the council.

We can give you telephone or online self-help advice or allocate an advocate to assist you if you need extra support to understand your options and rights, have your say, and resolve your concerns.

Our advocates are part of an experienced team based at the Reading Voice Advocacy Hub in Reading Central Library. They can also help with queries or concerns about the NHS.

Social Care Complaints Advocacy is a new service starting from 1 April 2018.

You can find answers to common questions about our service below.

How does the Social Care Complaints system work?
What kinds of things can people complain about?
What should people do if the complaint is about abuse of an adult?
How does Reading Borough Council investigate complaints?
Who can use our Social Care Complaints Advocacy service?
How do social care complaints advocates help people?
What training and standards do our advocates follow?
How do I arrange help from one of your social care complaints advocate

Top Tips

Tip 1: Know what good care looks like
Tip 2: Know your rights
Tip 3: Follow advice on making a complaint from the Ombudsman
Tip 4: Use an online template to help write your complaint letter
Tip 5: Know what good complaints handling looks like