River View care home ‘remains unsafe’

Posted 28/01/2019

Reading’s largest care home remains ‘unsafe’ for residents, according to a report published on 18 January 2019 by the independent inspection body.

The Care Quality Commission made an unannounced visit on 3 December 2018 to River View Care Centre, off the Oxford Road, to see if improvements had been made since an earlier inspection in September and October 2018 had led to the care home being rated as ‘Inadequate’.

‘The service remained unsafe,’ the CQC’s latest report states. ‘People were not kept safe from the risk of harm. Documentation was poor and conflicting in information, and staff were unable to provide assurances as to their understanding of the individual risks associated with people’s care and support needs. People were not appropriately monitored for adequate food and fluid intake and weight checks. As a result, potentially people did not have referrals made to external professionals in a timely way. Where bedrails were required to keep people safe, these were not always used.’

The governance of the service also ‘remained inadequate’, the report states.

River View is run by the company MMCG2 and can accommodate up to 137 people. However, it has been stopped from accepting any new residents until the CQC says otherwise.


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