Public urged to report medicine side-effects

Posted 28/11/2017

The public is being urged to report any serious side-effects they get from medicines, by a national patient safety organisation.

While medicines are rigorously checked before being made available, and most people take medicines without experiencing any noticeable side effects, no medicine is completely risk free. The patient safety orginasation, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), relies on people reporting side effects to make sure medicines are effective and as safe as possible. In some cases the MHRA will issue warnings to healthcare professionals about the public which might change the way the medicine should be used or whether it is available at all.

To help made medicines safer, the MHRA wants more people to report negative side-effects. If you or a family member has experienced a side-effect after taking medication, you can report it through the MHRA’s Yellow Card scheme. Watch a film about this topic and find our more about the Yellow Card scheme, on Healthwatch England’s website.


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