Year of PublicationPolicy TitleLink to PDF of Policy
2018HWR Privacy StatementView HWR Privacy Statement.pdf
2018HWR Information Asset RegisterView HWR Information Asset Register.pdf
2018HWR Information Governance PolicyView HWR Information Governance Policy.pdf
2016HWR Confidentiality PolicyView HWR Confidentiality Policy.pdf
2014HWR Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure for VolunteersView HWR Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure for Volunteers.pdf
2016Healthwatch Conflicts of Interest Guidance DocumentView Healthwatch Conflicts of Interest Guidance Document.pdf
2013HWR Complaints PolicyView HWR Complaints Policy.pdf
2013HWR Communications Strategy & Action PlanView HWR Communications Strategy & Action Plan.pdf
2014HWR Data Protection PolicyView HWR Data Protection Policy.pdf
2014HWR Health and Safety PolicyView HWR Health and Safety Policy.pdf
2014HWR Subject Access Requests PolicyView HWR Subject Access Requests Policy.pdf
2014HWR Equal Opportunities PolicyView HWR Equal Opportunities Policy.pdf
2014HWR Safeguarding PolicyView HWR Safeguarding Policy.pdf
2016HWR Volunteers PolicyView HWR Volunteers Policy.pdf