Optical Express in Queen’s Rd told to improve

Posted 18/07/2018

Optical Express in Queen’s Road, Reading has been told to make improvements to the way it manages patient medication.

In a report published on 18 June 2018, the Care Quality Commission said it had inspected the clinic to check the quality of the laser surgery provided to paying customers. The clinic was clean, adequately staffed and had the correct equipment and people using the clinic said staff were caring and explained risks and benefits to them.

However the CQC said it had told the clinic to improve its management of the medicine Mitomycin, which had been given to people beyond its recommended duration of use after opening. Different patients had been given medicine from the same bottle, against recommended practice of single use by one patient. The CQC has also asked the clinic to follow national guidelines to have a 7-day cooling off period between the initial and final consent been given for surgery, and to improve the way it communicates information with people who do not speak English.

The Optical Express clinic inspected does not carry out any work for the NHS or for young people aged under 18.

The CQC did not give the clinic a quality rating – while it has a responsibility to regulate refractive eye surgery services, it currently does not have a legal duty to rate them.

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