Help with continuing health care (CHC)

We’ve put together this summary guide in response to increased numbers of Reading people contacting us for information and advice with applications or appeals over continuing health care funding.

What is continuing health care?

CHC is a package of health care outside of hospital, and sometimes social care, funded solely by the NHS, for people who have serious, ongoing conditions or needs. It can pay for things like specialist nurses or therapies in your own homes, or care home costs.

The NHS definition of CHC can be found in this NHS public information leaflet, or in this Easy Read version.

If you need free, expert advice about CHC applications quickly, you can contact a national social enterprise called Beacon that gives the public a free 90 minute phone consultation with CHC caseworkers. Or you can read our frequently asked questions below and call Healthwatch Reading if you need guidance on what to do next.

Who is eligible to receive CHC?
How do I apply for CHC?
What happens if the CCG turns down a CHC application?
What do I do if I am unhappy about a decision after the initial checklist, not to proceed to a full assessment?
What can I do if I am unhappy about a CCG’s decision not to fund CHC after a full assessment?
Can I get help to appeal decisions?
What happens if the CCG approves a CHC application?
How many Reading people are usually approved for CHC funding?