Consultation: ready for ageing?

Posted 19/03/2014

Independent Age, on behalf of the Ready for Ageing Alliance, are carrying out a consultation on how to make the UK a better place to grow older in.

One year ago, a House of Lords Select Committee described the UK as ‘woefully underprepared’ to meet the needs of an ageing population. The results of the consultation will contribute towards the Ready for Ageing Alliance’s manifesto process. The Ready for Ageing Alliance includes: Age UK, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Alzheimer’s Society, Carers UK, Anchor, Centre for Policy on Ageing, ILC-UK and Independent Age.

The consultation asks twoquestions:

1. What do you think would make the UK a better country to grow older in?

2. When you think about growing older, what concerns you most and why?

The link to the consultation can be found here

You can also contribute your views by post at:
Independent Age,
6 Avonmore Road,
London W14 8RL.

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