Chatham Street Surgery demonstrates improvements to patient care

Posted 29/03/2018

Chatham Street Surgery in Reading town centre has improved its rating on how caring it is, according to a follow-up report from the national body that checks the quality of GP services.

In the report published on 15 March 2018, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) said the surgery now had a ‘good’ rating for how caring it was, compared to a ‘requires improvement’ rating in July 2017. The surgery remains rated as ‘good’ for being safe, effective, responsive and well-led.

Chatham Street, which has 6,600 patients from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, demonstrated its improvements by sending the CQC findings from a survey of 200 patients, which showed:

  • 94% said the last GP they saw gave them enough time, compared to 78% previously
  • 93% said the last GP they saw was good at listening to them (77% previously)
  • 92% said the GP treated them with care and concern (78% previously)
  • 84% said the last GP they saw or spoke to was good at explaining tests and treatments (70% previously)
  • 90% said the GPs were good at involving them in decisions about their care (73% previously).

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