Our team report for the past month

Posted 31/03/2017

Find out what Healthwatch Reading staff have been doing to connect with local people and help their views and experiences be heard, during the past month, March 2017.

Our team report for the past month

Posted 31/01/2017

Find out how our staff team have been listening to, and supporting, the local community, during the past four weeks.

Our staff team report for December 2016

Posted 06/01/2017

We have been speaking up on behalf of patients concerned about GP surgeries, the hydrotherapy pool closure and a proposed health and wellbeing strategy for the town.

Healthwatch Reading seeks answers on hydrotherapy pool closure

Posted 03/01/2017

We have asked Reading’s clinical commissioning groups – the groups of GPs that hold the local NHS budget – whether they supported the closure of the pool and could be sure that the impact on people with disabilities had been properly taken into account.